My work looks primarily into minimalist sculpture/ installation and its relationship to field, whilst focusing practically on the manipulation and re-arrangement of found or purpose built objects, re-arranging their context and environment in order to assess how the viewer responds to this. I am highly influenced by many artists, architects, writers, journalists and photographers, especially the likes of Donald Judd, Sol leWitt, Fred Sandback and Carl Andre.

I tend to make use of simple form, shape and stripped back composition presented in a sculptural manner. I enjoy the use of bold primary colour and the way space can be defined by one simple object. My work has a large architectural influence, in particular that of 1950s American architecture, in the sense that my work uses a clean geometric uncomplicated aesthetic. I like to juxtapose and find a balance between man-made and organic, sometimes fusing the two together and making use of completely organic materials which are then manipulated in a man-made fashion, taking from nature and re-arranging its aesthetic and context. 

Alike to architecture my work heavily makes use of its context and situation. I find myself abstracting these architectural elements creating work that contains positive space internally as well as externally, The inclusion of mathematics and scale also plays a part in my workings as I find myself using grid formations. I have been working with mathematical charts and graphs, creating sculpture in response to their visual elements. I like my work to become fluid and make use of measured space, it has an uncomplicated visual aesthetic but underneath carries a rather complicated concept.

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